Members Diary 2021

River Competitions

Important: In all 4 river competitions anglers must sign a book kept at Drumranie fishing hut before commencing to fish and must add the exact time of signing.

1st Friday in June 10pm to 11pm Saturday. This competition is for sea trout and salmon. A sea trout has priority over a salmon. A salmon can only be counted if no sea trout are caught. The winner being the person with the heaviest sea trout.

Note: If not won it may be carried over weekly until the end of the month.

Sponsored by Mike Hornsby

First Saturday in July dawn till dusk. This competition is for salmon. The angler with the heaviest bag shall be declared the winner.

In the event of no winner on the day the competition will be finished on each following Wednesday and Saturday until the last week of the month where it will be finished each day of the week.

Sponsored by John Dalrymple Hamilton

First Saturday in August. Salmon competition - dawn till dusk.

Sponsored by Lord David Kenedy - 9th Marquess of Ailsa

First Saturday in September. Salmon competition - dawn till dusk,

Sponsored by Tom Priestnall

  • Heaviest salmon
  • Heaviest fish caught on the fly
  • Heaviest fish caught on worm or spinner
  • Balloted pairs (see detaiuls below).

Legal size fish caught on river will be awarded points: Brown trout 1 point - sea trout 2 points - salmon 3 points.

All fish must be informed and photo or witnessed to be entered to M Hornsby same day.

Highest accumulated points pairing shall be deemed the winners. In case of a tie, the highest individual score will be split tie.

Competition runs throughout season.

Away Days

Trout day at Soulseat Loch, Dumfries & Galloway. Fishing 9:00 am until 3:00 pm.

Winner: G McGuire

River Hoddam. Venue and times to be advised.

Carp day. Broomhill Fishery. Sponsored by Ayrshire Web Design.

Winner: G Todd

Coarse away day. Venue TBA.

Pike away day. Maberry Loch - fishing 9am till 3pm

Winner: P Kemble

Reservoir Competitions

fundraising handover for Forces in the Field

This was a charity match at the reservoir.

A big Thank you to all that took part in making this happen and raising an amazing £515 in aid of Forces in the Field.

Well done lads.


  • 1st: B Allison - 8 fish
  • 2nd: P Keeble - 6 fish
  • 3rd: C Hyslop - 5 fish

Junior Competition 10:00 am until 4:00 pm. There were medals, prizes, and food.

Ultimate Angler Logo

Competition 10:00 am until 4:00 pm.